Setting Up A New VPS on Vultr With Webmin

This is a collection of notes I’ve found around the web to help me set up subsequent VPS’s on Vultr (or anywhere that I will use Webmin instead of cPanel). Install the VPS. Update to latest version of software with apt-get update / apt-get upgrade (or yum upgrade if on CentOS) Set hostname to the

Easiest, Cheapest Way To Speed Up Your Mac

I’ve recently been playing around a LOT with various development tools for HTML5 on my aging MacBook Pro… The thing is 6 years old now which is ancient in computing terms. And it was beginning to show its age so I began searching around for ways to bring it back to it’s former life and

Setting up an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH as a HTPC

I recently did exactly this with an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH. This was a bit of a gamble because I wasn’t entirely sure the spec of the NUC was up to scratch for a home theatre PC. Turns out, it actually is – with a couple of caveats which I’ll go into in a moment. You’ll

Ever Wished WordPress Had a Live Preview Option For Everything?

If you’ve ever wished WordPress had a live preview for everything, not just when you’re trying to decide which theme to use, then you might find the Out Of Sight Editor at CodeCanyon useful. Disclaimer: This plugin was written by me. This isn’t necessarily an objective review! Though I would love it if someone did

Slow Safari in OSX Lion

I’ve just recently updated my MacBook Pro to OSX Lion. In general I’m pretty happy with it but there were a few issues, relating to speed that really significantly annoyed me. This blog post is to remind me what I did to solve those issues and perhaps if someone else reads them and is helped

Installing Bugzilla on a CentOS cPanel VPS

This article is designed to hopefully assist someone not have to go over the same troubles as I experienced installing the latest stable Bugzilla onto my cPanel server. To say it gave me a headache is an understatement. To begin with everything went smoothly. It was all good. I followed the instructions for the Bugzilla

Appalling Quality of Journalism Today

If you’ve been living in the western world this week you’ve probably heard of the woes with News Corporation and News International regarding the phone tapping ‘scandal’ at the News of the World newspaper. To me, the scandal itself is bad enough, but realistically it only highlights what I’ve been thinking myself for many years

Started At University – Some Tips For New Students

I’m now into week 7 of my new university course after I decided to fully embark on the career change I alluded to some time ago. I’m now officially a student paramedic at Victoria University and I’m going to try to use this blog to chronicle some of the more important aspects of my Uni

Why Julian Assange (and WikiLeaks) is not a terrorist.

And why assigning him that label is extremely dangerous for everyone Assange may have done things that have annoyed the American government. And probably the British and Australian governments too. In fact, possibly a whole slew of other governments throughout the world. But doing something with which the government disagrees does not a terrorist make.

Is Google Chrome for OSX any good?

The short answer to this is yes – definitely! I suppose I better fill this article out a bit and explain why I arrived at that answer? Ok, here goes. Some years ago Google released their Chrome browser for Windows. It was OK, but there was already Firefox as an alternative to Internet Exploder, and